I dream. I pause, suspended, almost. Winter settles in, and the chill days evoke a need to snuggle deeper into that duvet…to think, to nurture myself, to find that centre of calm that the season evokes.

The calmness is all on the surface, in nature, for the work of winter is busy laying the seeds of spring…trees and shrubs and plants assimilate minerals and carry on all manner of preparation for the time of lush growth. I do believe, my imaginary friend, that we humans ought do something of the same. To incubate the hopes and ideas for the coming year, to swirl and sift the possibilities and imaginings, to let the dreams sharpen their focus and become the shape of the life we wish.

Perhaps the “New Year’s Resolution” is the metaphor our culture offers up, though it seems to fall short of the true thing: to change (to grow) is not the action that follows a decision but the thoughts and mindful musings and serious questioning that lead to the decision…The beautiful month of January – which name derives from the two-faced god, Janus, who is both looking forward and looking back – is a threshold month, indeed.

Yes, I shall snuggle deeper into that warm nest of bed. I have big, bold dreams and I shall take the time to limn the outlines a little more cleanly and clearly, I think. Out of the vast trackless sea of shimmering possibilities rises a star…A guiding star. A centering star. A star to light my wandering path. Oh, and I begin to see the possibilities of where it leads…

May you light up your possibilities in the coming year, my friends.


6 comments on “Possibilities…

  1. lazfreedman says:

    Thank you, VivianLea 🙂 Peace,Love and Joy !


  2. Love reading your words. It’s strange to be in a place where there is only mild winter and really no need to fully incubate, as such. A challenge to establish different rhythms, yet still I need to attune to these cycles in nature or lose a sense of belonging, of purpose in nature’s scheme. Peace, VL, and blessings in this new year! 😘


    • You and I and maybe only some few others among us still feel the need to tune into those rhythms, Bela…It is chilly here, and that helps! My thanks as always for your wonderful presence here, and your warm thoughts 🙂

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  3. Brent says:

    Happy post-solstice, VivianLea.Each lengthening day brings new energy for new growth. Did you take that picture, noble adventurer? It’s quite nice.


    • No, the picture is not mine, although on my travels. How can I not love being called a noble adventurer? One day I shall adventure through those trackless prairies to your ocean, Brent. Be well and happy 🙂


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