On The Move

I leave in few days for a brand new life, and a brand new business. I will keep you all updated about my adventure, but today I want to share some art that my friend Naomi Tewinkel created for me. A small word of explanation: my nickname is moo, which is actually short for lovesick moo, it’s a long story. (Did I just tell that to the world, my imaginary friend?)

You can find more of Naomi’s whimsical art here

I think you will love it as much as I do, for her beautiful heart and soul shine in everything she does. Now off I go, not looking back, but remembering every single one of you that I shall not see so often.

The Speed of Light

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I’ve never held a hummingbird in my hand. And it’s not like I haven’t wanted to. My heart swells to overflowing while imagining the feeling of a tiny bird body thrumming at a hundred miles an hour against fingers and palm. It would be rather like capturing a giant feathered bumblebee.

I’ve always adored hummingbirds – and fed them wherever I have lived. They were especially abundant in the high desert of New Mexico, though the Rufous was by far the most aggressive and prolific, and would chase away any Ruby Throated or frankly any gossamer winged creature that dared compete with their man-made nectar. The sound of their wings was distinctive, and amplified like a nest of mad hornets racing around trying to rebuild a damaged hive.

In our house overlooking the Sangre de Cristo mountains was a greenhouse just outside the kitchen. Occasionally a hummingbird would…

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