Alban Arthan: The Light of Winter

The forest is hushed, yet the green of the evergreens is not muted; brilliant red berries provide stunning contrast, and even in the deciduous forests one can see the swell of buds – just beginning, to be sure – that will bear stem and leaf in the spring. The slant of the sunlight is a different light than the bright focus of summer, showing nuance and perspective that might have been missed then. And over all the stars take on a crisp brilliance that is riveting even in the chill of winter’s night air.

On the eve of the shortest day and longest night of the year, the thought of the lengthening days to come is a celebration. Let us not forget the beautiful light of winter: let it live in our hearts just a small bit longer. For the stars of winter are featured in may a tale and legend, in songs and hymns and  poems, and in the oldest sacred stories of humankind.

Portent and mystery, glimpses of the divine majesty, beacons of light and hope, silver fire in the heavens…The light of winter shows us, maybe, that the unknowable magic of the heavens is a fine and blessed thing…It matter not, I think, my imaginary friend that we reflect on the stars in the night sky, or the stars that grace a Christmas tree, but that we simply see the light of winter. Let us follow yonder stars.

4 comments on “Alban Arthan: The Light of Winter

  1. Mary & Fred Bansemer says:

    Thank you for this timely posting. As always, the lovely turn of phrase is a lyrical cadence in my ear.

    Happy Solstice Miss Vivian.


  2. Lovely. In a way, I Do miss winter – real winter – but it’s a fantasy my body no longer supports: lying on my back in a small woods clearing, watching northern lights undulate across the sky, so many stars – SO many stars! Tops of trees swaying and ice booming … Smell of wood smoke wafting through frozen nostrils, crystals clinging to my nose hairs … Glad I had 34 winters on which to reflect. Blessings, VL! All the best in the New Year.


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