Moo Is Blue





It’s true, I was a little blue when I painted this. But the act of creating something, no matter how small or trivial, (was) is a wonderful tonic. And I confess I love the feel of using the water colour pens almost as much as the flow of my ballpoint pen across paper.

Moo, shortened from lovesick moo, was bestowed on me by a friend some years back, and it seems to have stuck as a name. Apparently, some people are horrified at calling me moo – but me, I just  love the silliness of it. So there you have it: today’s offering, a bit of blue silliness.

I hope, my imaginary friend, that my silliness might inspire yours – or something like that. There have been a couple of days lately when I have found it hard to laugh, but a small dose of silly can always make me smile. Though lest you misunderstand, this is no prescription to ‘think positive’ or some such faux wisdom. It is merely my reflection that when we embrace the blue – because what choice is there, save to bury it away? – some other colours emerge, sooner or later. My palette is never muted, in any case…and that, my friend, is the point.