Spirit of Snow I Wish You

Photograph by MJC, Vancouver Island

Photograph by MJC, Vancouver Island

Snow blankets Vancouver Island these past couple days…this can’t be said to be unusual, though it is a bit of a rarity here. The pattern of our winds mean mild, wet winters for the most part – oh, we have had our share of winter’s wetness already, though the first official day of winter is yet to arrive. Yes, the snow is a welcome relief from the grey, lowering clouds of past weeks. I don’t really mean to write about the weather, my imaginary friend, though I am intrigued by the fact that it seems to dominate the lives of town dwellers in ways that seem curious. We are, after all, mostly well-sheltered, not to mention moving about in our cozy vehicles. But even I, who spend several hours each day outside in the mountains or forest, even I have not been immune to the weeping skies.

The first pleasure is the lovely stillness, the quiet hush that is perhaps the greatest loveliness of snow. Snow softens the tired ugliness of city, and clothes the banal landscape of suburbia in marvelous draperies. The evergreens look particularly gorgeous; branches gracefully bending under weight of white. Beautiful lines and swirls and evocative shapes are everywhere, yet the quietude is most striking. Of course, part of the physical property of snow is to mute sound, and no doubt there is less traffic about in the land of few snow tires. But this quietude seems to invite us to go deeper into that mystery…

Even as I snowshoed through gently falling flakes and gathering twilight, the world about me was lit softly by the expanse of white reflecting everywhere, and back up into the sky…only a day or two earlier I would not have been able to find my way so sure-footedly at dusk. So this light, this quality of reflected brightness is another loveliness I welcome.
Winter comes: under cover of snow warmth the land busies itself with the tasks of the quiet time, the inner time, the time to root deeply to bring next year’s harvest to fruition. Another turn in the wheel of the year awaits: the snow invites us to revel in the quiet and reflection that sustains and nourishes us, that prepares us for the growing time. May you have a little snow this season, in spirit if not on the ground.

4 comments on “Spirit of Snow I Wish You

  1. Not immune to weeping skies, no. We’ve had a very wet year in general, here on Hawaii Island’s north shore, and this winter has begun with even more. Being a gardener, I welcome rain in any form, honestly, though my body feels waterlogged to the max. After just going out and mowing the lawn (note all the muddy circles where the mower’s wheels turned and turned, but it can’t be helped, the grass grows and grows), I feel like that saturated ground. My husband does, as well – not much energy, though Lord knows, we don’t stop moving ‘just because.’ Still, my bike ride this morning had my legs feeling like big lead tree trunks and he got off the roof due to a similar feeling (we’re building a big shop/carport addition). And so, your snow sounds delightful. We also have snow on Mauna Kea, but it’s not visible from our house. Beautiful contrast though! 😀 xo


    • It is your kind Hawaiian winds that normally keep this island so mild (and green), Bela…but a change in weather patterns, for sure. It is turning to rain now…although I did here via some social media grapevine that our forecast is for 5 days with no rain or snow…but yes, it has been a spirit lightening thing. As is your charming self coming to say hello 🙂

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      • Aww, thanks, VL! Yes, I am aware of the Pineapple Express’ effect on your weather there. It’s been a weird, wet stretch. And we had a day of sunshine yesterday (hot/hot and humid, like summer!), only to awaken in the middle of the night with a deluge of rain! Quieter this morning, only the drip, drip, drip off the eaves – hoping for a little less moisture so Chris can finish roofing here 🙂 Aloha.

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  2. Spirit of snow to you, my friend 😀


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