A Million Stars…

Summer heat, relaxing its fierce grip as the sun descends, and the cooling air redolent with the smell of blossoms. ‘Tis a quiet evening, even the birds a bit wilted. The lushness all around fairly pulses with life, however, and all living things rejoice in the fullness of midsummer approaching. And I, missing you, reflecting wistfully that every moment of beauty not shared with you is a small sadness and regret.

Beauty is timeless, no doubt, though these moments are fleeting, and I have moved through images of beauty this past year with a focused yearning to live them with you. And if I had to tell why, I would say because of the way you speak with more than words, because your every movement and action and nuance tells me how deeply you feel. Perhaps it will surprise you, my intensity of longing to share without words, for I am, after all, a woman of words.

There is much for us to do and experience, but the savouring of small joys and the intimacy of immersing oneself in the wonder of another seems to me the truest bliss I can imagine right now. A millions stars for you to wish upon…




3 comments on “A Million Stars…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems fitting for where you are right now, cowgirl… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xugmd6_the-eagles-peaceful-easy-feeling-1973-hd_music


  2. Though – and I’ll say it again – you seem more the romantic than I, the pragmatist – we agree on this: spending life with a quality ‘other’ in the comfort and intimacy of their physical, mental and emotional embrace is peerless. I am grateful, as is my husband, each and every day – that we chose to spend our lives together. We are so blessed. Aloha, VL ❤


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