My Love Said


My love said it’s not the way you look at me with love in your eyes, or the way your voice makes my heart melt; it’s the way you put up with me when I am sad and depressed that makes me want you even more; it’s not the way you scold me when I have done wrong or the way you ignore me when I have a bad day, it’s the way you tolerate me when I am lonely that matters.

When I feel sad, or lonely, or have a bad day, you stand in my presence as surely as at other, happier times. Your love and regard for me shine on your face, though perhaps you are kinder and gentler during those trying times. You do not run away from my hurt, or my scolding, and that is an immense courage, my love.

My love said it’s not the way your hair flows in the breeze or the way you walk, it’s the way you smile at me when I fall.

When you fall, I reach out my hand, and my heart, and my soul. Because you have fallen for me, and you are my hero, my love.

My love said it’s not the way you feed me at the dinner table, or get me a beer when I’m watching sport, it’s the way you scorn any that would intrude upon your kindness that makes me yearn for you more.

Yes, you understand that kindness is central to my sense of being, and to offer it up is my gift. And you also see that always I want to offer kindness, even when repaid with lesser, baser coin. Oh, you see what others have missed because you pay attention, my love.

My love said it’s not the way you say “I love you” that gladdens my heart; it’s the way you say “How can I not love you for loving me so much.”

Love ought to be as natural as breathing, though often it becomes complicated with other things; things such as pride, and lack of confidence, and petty misunderstandings. When we let love be, it will shine, my love.

My love said you can tell the world I wrote these things for you.

I have told the world, my love.

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