The word magic, my imaginary friend, conjures up mental images that run the gamut from Harry Potteresque to stage-magician-sawing-a-lady-in-half – perhaps my title is not aptly chosen. For who among us does not weary of the new-agey earnestness of spell casting books, cries of “it was magical’ applied to every conceivable posting on social media – and, after all, all we not all a little tired of illusion and sleight-of-hand, especially as practised by politicians?


Forgive my foray into the dictionary here – the Oxford Dictionary of English, naturally – which offers up these predictable definitions of magic in numbers one and number two places, respectively:

The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and reappear, performed as entertainment.


But scroll a little further, and you will find this:


A quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life.


Worth repeating, that one; “a quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life.” For this is what I mean when I speak of magic, and wild magic carries an aura of unpredictability about it as well. The writer Guy Gavriel Kay speaks of this in his books of the Fionavar Tapestry, where he writes that wild magic introduces the element of randomness, which brings choice to the lives of all creatures…for without that randomness (both good and evil) we should be condemned to live out our scripts precisely as the playwright wrote them.


Where words fail me, I resort to imagery of one kind of a wild magic, for here is place that seems far from the troubles and cares of everyday life, where beauty and delight reside in every turn of the path.


Wild Magic


I suspect, though, that there are many kinds of wild magic – surely falling in love is one? Falling in love, making a friend, the company of animals of all kinds, the energy of the sunrise, the mystery of the stars…Shared smiles, small kindnesses, a good book or a compelling movie, the act of listening to another with one’s full attention, silence when required and speaking out when imperative…A sense of joy and wonder at the world, tempered by the recognition that our striving for justice and fairness must never cease, for that very randomness of the wild magic means that other beings may need our care and attention.


The world could use a little more wild magic, I believe, though one does not require a wand or a book of spells to summon it. It resides in all of us, somewhere – though perhaps some places are more conducive than others to rekindling that sense of wonder. And as beautiful and remote from daily life it may be, in the end, one ought remember it in every day …for this, this is what brings meaning to our lives. May you have wild magic, my friends.

9 comments on “WildMagic

  1. Anonymous says:

    As autumn has fallen, announces that you must have had another birthday, oh witchy one. Here’s hoping that a little magical lift can come from this belated birthday wish to you. Happy Bithday! VivianLea Doubt. May as many heavenly bodies as can be found in a clear crisp Rocky Mountain midnight smile down upon you and guide you to further magical times.


  2. Bela Johnson says:

    Funny you mention it, as I’ve been rereading Mists of Avalon(!!!) Almost at the end, when the magical realm of Avalon once again slips into the mist.

    I find magic in nature, always. The magic, for me, is all around. It is taking the time to observe and reflect. There is ever meaning in this practice – which I discover often in hindsight, even years later.

    Great to see your sweet face in my feed, once again, VL! Aloha and love to you. ❤


    • Thank you for your kindest words, Bela. It has been a while since I read Mists of Avalon, but yes, that sense of a misting over of the magical land…

      I, too, find magic everywhere and in everything. The puzzle for me is why so many do not…but that is pointless wondering, perhaps. There have been times in my life when someone or something guided the magic vision to me….thanks to all those people. Best, lovely lady 🙂

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      • Bela Johnson says:

        Pointless wondering, indeed. I think most of my righteous indignation (yes! that’s the term!) in the past has been because people are what they are. And I’ve really tried to embrace that fact and simply seek my own tribe, as it were, much as I can. And it is those good folks who likewise love the natural world and derive nourishment from Her.

        All the best to you as well, VL! Love ❤

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      • Wise words, Bela! My tribe is scattered across a huge country…well, several countries. But how lovely the kindred folk are out there!

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      • Bela Johnson says:

        Mine as well, Vivian. But one of my besties is near enough to fly and relax on Whidbey Island in the cool grey mist. I can go there anytime for nature’s grace and her own good companionship. And she comes here when she can. Which is perfect. We have both seen good friends die over the past few years, so we are committed to keeping this connection vibrant for as long as it lasts. And yes, glad of the connections, be they as far-flung as your own. ❤


  3. Tammy Jackson Nyman says:

    The best kind of magic! Well said Viv and your photo is just magical!!


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