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I love to share the words of Laz.

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History of Humans, us

Sadness is in our world,   …is it, that there can be no happiness without it?

Can there be any peace without war?

Is there love without hate?

Will we ever learn?

We all need.

Us, searching and gathering… the way,

When we learn, looking deep inside ourselves… in our great minds, the answers are there…

Then we recognize…if only seeing for the first time…

Though a choice, locked away forever, denying, as an open door, closing…

Once edging closer and closer to the power of the universe, we came… and then went.

Forever we’d search, for that time again.


By Laz Freedman 10/7/2014

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One comment on “___.Short Article.____

  1. I believe in purity- pure goodness 🙂

    great poem Vivien.


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